Welcome to your Online Application

The MYU3A system lets you apply online to become a member of U3A Highvale.
You must have an email address to use the online facilities.

Applying online has 5 simple steps:
Step 1:  Click on Join Up (bottom of this page).
Step 2: Specify type of membership required.
Step 3: Complete membership details.
Step 4: Check membership status.
Step 5: Print your Member Summary.

When you click Pay Office at step 5 you indicate that you will make the payment after you log off. Make sure that your payment (by cash/cheque/EFT) is accompanied by your name and member ID as recorded in your Member Summary.

  • For CASH payments, enclose your fee in an envelope marked enrolments, U3A Highvale, with your name and drop the envelope in the U3A mail box located at 42 Capital Avenue, Glen Waverley, Vic. 3150.
  • If paying by CHEQUE, send it to U3A Highvale Inc., 42 Capital Avenue, Glen Waverley, Vic. 3150.
  • For EFT payments, here are the details required for the bank transaction:

BSB: 193-879 Bank of Melbourne
Account No.: 483211581     Account Name: U3A Highvale Inc.

For more help on how to join online, click MYU3A Help New to download a guide.

To start your online application click on the link Join Up.