Welcome to your Online Application

The MYU3A system lets you apply online to become a member of U3A Highvale.
You must have an email address to use the online facilities.

Applying online has 5 simple steps:
Step 1:  Log on to join up.
Step 2: Specify type of membership required.
Step 3: Complete membership details.
Step 4: Check membership status.
Step 5: Print your Member Summary.

When you click Pay Office at step 5 you indicate that you will make payment after you log off. Make sure that your payment (by cash/cheque/EFT) is accompanied by your name and member ID as recorded in your Member Summary.
Here are the details required if you are paying via EFT:

BSB: 193-879 Bank of Melbourne
Account No.: 483211581     Account Name: U3A Highvale Inc.

  • To download Help on How to Join Online click MYU3A Help-New.
  • To start your online application click  on the link Join Up.