What’s your membership fee?

Full membership for a year: $40. If you enrol mid-year: $20.

Associate membership (you are a full member at another U3A):  $10

Computer classes (additional $20 per term to cover costs).

Where are classes conducted?

We operate with the co-operation of the Retirement Village management. All our classes take place within the village.

Do you have an onsite office?

Unfortunately no. We have our own phone line, website and email address, and a mail box alongside the residents' mailboxes outside the Community Centre.

Is parking available?

There is parking outside the Community Centre where most of the classes are held. There is additional visitor parking scattered around the village. Residents' parking spaces are numbered.      View map   for visitor spaces.

Where is the Community Centre?

The Community Centre is the first building inside Gate 1.  See the Google map under Contact Details

Some classes are in The Manor. Where is that?

The Manor is a two-story building inside Gate 3.